Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guest Post : Quick Make Up Tips for Busy Moms.

Say Hello to Brenda who has been kind enough to write a Guest Post on my blog. I do hope you enjoy her post .... Let me Know what you think of it .....

5 Quick Make Up Tips For Busy Moms

A mother’s life is so hectic that she barely has any time left for herself. Caring for her kids takes all her time and looking good takes a backseat. If you are a mom, then you might be thinking that you don’t have any time to look after yourself. Here are a few quick tips of pampering yourself without spending a lot of time.

1.     Combo products: Use products that combine the functions of many products into one, like a moisturizer with an in built sunscreen or a moisturizer that is a little tinted, so as to act like a foundation. You will get a wide variety of such products in the market because saving time is the “In” thing! Try any of the Neutrogena products and you are sure to find some good time-saving products.

2.     Lip Gloss: Lip Glosses are fast replacing lipsticks because of their freshness and ease of use. There are various colours and flavours available that look chic and stylish. These colours are peppy, young, and vibrant, thereby giving a new dimension to everything you wear. Lip-gloss is something that is easy to apply and saves you from the hassles of applying lipstick.

3.     Lighter Eye shadow: Eye shadows give your face a glow and freshness but they require a lot of finesse. For mothers, finesse means time and time is what you don’t have. So, try and select a warmer eye shadow that is not too bold, to save yourself from the pains of getting it on perfectly. Choose a shade that is similar to your tone of skin. Also, stay away from bold or outrageous colours like violets and reds because they will enhance your dark circles.

4.     Mascara: Invest in good-quality waterproof mascara because you don’t want to look Goth by the end of the day. A cream-based mascara that sticks all day long and doesn’t flow down your face is just the right thing for a working mom!

5.     Don’t try and do everything: Since you don’t have time to do everything in the morning, try and play down your weaknesses. If you have skin issues, focus on the foundation and your great eyes will do just fine with a bit of kohl. Get a splash of gloss, apply a dab of your best wrinkle cream that has instant effects and you are all set to start a brilliant day looking good.

These are just a few tips that will come in handy in your day-to-day life. Always remember to smile a lot, be positive and feel beautiful. Be comfortable with the skin you are in and don’t worry a lot because it affects your amazing face.


  1. Very useful post for new moms like me. Thank you!!!

  2. very nice post Brenda,,
    for new mums to in fact even workin women these points are highly useful :)

  3. This is a very good post... :) I agree abt not trying to do everything :)

  4. yups novice .. the point is so true... Less is more !! :)

  5. Nice post..Brenda. I too just learnt a lesson of not trying everything.

  6. Makeup is uses for most of person spcially female. When you will use makeup then you need to know those products are natural or not. I like your makeup tips:


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