Monday, December 19, 2011

Patanjali Ojas Mogra Soap - You'll Fall in Love all Over Again !!

The title says it all !!! I am in love with this soap - Hence I decided to write about it in this post. I have never liked any other soap so much as this one before.

I stumbled across this soap when my uncle was busy packing his bags for his UK visit. My cousin sister in UK had called up and asked my uncle to get a few things for her from India. Amongst the tons of things she had ordered, One box was full of Patanjali products !!!

I was surprised to see tons of bottles and soap bars - It was then I asked my uncle - What's dis brand ? Never heard about it before ?? Whats so special about it !!

It was then I was informed the brand "Patanjali " belonged to the famous - Baba Ramdev and that the brand boasted on variety of natural products which actually stand true to all its claims and delivers all that it promises.

The Statement got me grinning !! I landed up in the nearby Patanjali outlet and picked up tons of products to test it myself !!

So Here goes My Favorite soap review ---

PRODUCT: Patanjali Ojas Mogra Soap


QUANTITY: 75 gms

One mg of each:
haldi (curcuma longa / turmeric); amla (emblica officinalis / indian gooseberry); neem (azadirachta indica); giloy (tinospora cordifolia); amahaldi (curcuma amada); ghritkumari (aloe vera) 

My Take on This Beauty: 

First look at the soap and I wondered - well this looks just like Pears Soap - a glycerine based green colored soap. Nothing New !!
The moment I opened the box - I was welcomed by the aroma of mogra, amla ,aloe, tulsi like smell which was very surprising.
I took a moment not to get swayed away by its smell and get all gaga about it. I wanted to actually try it out and see how the soap fares.

The Result: 
The first time I used the soap I was really impressed by the quality of the soap and how excellently it fared..
The fragrance of the soap is by far the BEST - It is very aromatic floral herbal smell which fills up the whole shower area and tends to linger on you for hours after you have had your shower.
The soap lathers up very well and does not melt easily inspite of being glycerine based.
The soap is moisturizing and treats your skin very well. It will leave a hint of slippery feeling which is not a big deal.
This soap is ideal for winter time - it wont dry out your skin. 
It comes Dirt cheap for 23 INR !!!! 
The only problem with the product is that - It is not very easily available - you ll find these beauties only at Patanjali Outlet.

I will Recommend this soap to all you beauties who wish to have an aromatic moisturizing experience !!!



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