Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sheer Cover Concealer: Review

I love the natural makeup look - It looks so elegant and enhances our skin in a way that it looks perfect and fresh. Our skin looks natural and glowing - Not "Made up" and " Fake".

One benefit of Mineral Makeup is just that it boasts usage of beneficial and 100% natural ingredients which protect your skin from any kind of damage since it doesn't contain any synthetic ingredients like dyes, talc, perfume etc.

I have had huge dark circles for as long as I can remember. After trying and testing everything from the drugstore possible - I was left with one conclusion - Nothing is going to work on these panda eyes.So when I received the Sheer Cover Starter Kit - Sheer Cover Concealer was the FIRST THING I had to try out.

Here is the my testimony on the Product: 

Sheer Cover Concealer comes in a transparent small compact like packaging case - which houses two colored concealer in one case. You have to custom blend both the shades so as to match your skin tone.

Custom Blending:
For that custom blend - I first applied a stripe of each of colored concealer on my jawline. I figured out I needed to custom blend both the shades a bit to cover up my blemishes and acne spots. As for my dark circles, I needed lighter shade to nullify the dark circles and then blend the darker shade to match my skin tone.

I found the concept of keeping both the shades of concealer separate very innovative. It is convenient and easy so as for customer who can blend the shades to match their skin tone perfectly. It is also ideal as our skin tone tends to change throughout the year.

My Experience: 

I have been using this concealer everyday now. Its lightweight and compact packaging is a HIT with me. I carry it everywhere in case I need to touch up. The concealer brush which is provided along with the concealer is just awesome !! Its perfect stiff bristles applies the concealer in the most perfect manner.

I am in love with the consistency of the concealer -  It is creamy and light. You don't feel like your wearing anything on your skin. It perfectly blends into your skin and does not migrate into your fine lines. I have read that the concealer tends to become powdery and patchy on your skin after a while. I did not face this issue at all. I have used this concealer constantly everyday. I apply a good moisturizer after cleansing my face. Let the moisturizer seep into the skin and then apply the concealer on my problem area with the help of the brush. I pat on some compact all over the face and I am ready to go.

The darker shade is more apt for my skin. To cover my dark circles I need to blend bit of both the shades.
 The combination of concealer and a compact powder is perfect for everyday routine. The concealer stays put for good 5 hours. Another thing I love about the concealer is that it does not wipe off - you can snuggle and rub all you want - it wont budge from your skin.

The concealer is great for covering up blemishes, dark spots and acne marks on your face. I need to put on little efforts to cover up my dark circles - but the end result is just perfect !  The concealer was successful in covering the redness I had on my right side of the face -  thanks to my beauty therapist who popped off my acne during a facial session.

It is perfect concealer and I would recommend this concealer to anyone who has problem areas on their skin. The concealer followed by the mineral foundation will ensure you look radiant and flawless!!!

Please note: The product was a part of the kit which was sent by the Company for consideration. 



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