Monday, December 26, 2011

Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation

It's time to review yet another product I used from Sheer Cover Starter Kit - I reviewed Sheer Cover Concealer before HERE.

The only Mineral Foundation I had tried was the one from L'oreal and I had posted my experience ( which was BAD) HERE - ages agoo. I dared not to experiment with mineral foundations for a while after that.

After an amazing experience I had trying out the Sheer Cover Concealer - I moved a step further and experimented their Mineral Foundation on my skin.


First Look At the Product -
The Mineral Foundation comes in a transparent round casing with screw cap lid. You invert the case and tap once to let the mineral powder out of the sieve lid. Swirl the powder with the help of Mineral foundation brush that is provided along with the product. Tap the brush to remove excess of the product and buff the powder onto your face in circular motions.

My Experience with the Product -

The first time I applied the foundation was with the help of the Mineral Foundation Brush which they had provided - The brush is not that great - It feels rough on your face. I would get another different brush for applying foundation - But that's just my opinion - You can work the foundation with this brush too. It works fine. Also the Kabuki brush which provided along with the kit is perfect if you don't want to use the foundation brush - It is perfect for touch ups hence I keep it in a cute bag in my purse.

I got two shades of foundation - Golden and Almond. I use 1:1 ratio of both to custom blend a shade which matches perfectly with my skin tone. I was initially skeptical of using this product since I had read too many bad reviews on it.

Golden Shade
Almond Shade - It is perfect for Contouring purposes also.

Nevertheless, I wore the foundation several times to college and I was happy to see that the foundation did a good job. The powder is light - gives a perfect finish on your face if you layer the foundation after applying concealer to conceal your problem areas.

The shades I custom blend - match exactly my skin tone and it gives you a feeling like your not wearing any makeup at all. The foundation stayed put on my face for good 8 hours - Yes ! Another amazing fact was that It did not oxidize on my face too.

1:1 ratio of both the shades applied over concealed skin

Both the shades blended - See how perfectly it matches my skin tone.

The mineral foundation already contains SPF which is great as you don't need to apply sunscreen separately. The foundation does not instantly glowing and radiant skin like they show in commercials but they do a fantastic job in making your skin flawless and giving it a perfect finish.

I had not yet boarded - Mineral Makeup bandwagon but this product has got me changing my opinion.

Please note: The product was sent by the company for consideration.


  1. I have had lot of fun with this kit! I still use these brushes, i mean after the products have finished.

  2. Replies
    1. you can order it from their indian website ... or they have website for international customers also

  3. I love this.. I use this <3



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