Monday, December 5, 2011

Lakme Fruit Moisture Winter Care Lotion - Honey & Avocado.

Hello Girls ... I am back !!! The trip was wonderful and I had lots of fun in the wedding too... I had been to Gujarat for my cousin's wedding and the weather there was same as Mumbai but the nights were slightly chilled - Which was just the way I like it !!!

Earlier I was using Lakme's Fruit Moisture Technology Peach Milk Moisturizer, but the hydration which lotion provided to my skin was not enough - I had to re-apply lotion by evening because my skin become dry by the afternoon time. Hence I decided to switch to Lakme's Winter Care Lotion with Honey & Avocado during my trip.

I assumed the winter care lotion will be rich in texture and provide my skin with better moisturization. Read on to find out how the lotion fared on my list ---

Product:Lakme Fruit Moisture Winter Care Lotion - Honey & Avocado.
Price: 139 INR
Quantity: 120 ml

What the company claims?

Fruit Moisture Honey & Avocado Winter Care Lotion with Nutriv moisture Technology -A breakthrough deep moisturizing technology that is a blend of 9 Hydrating Agents

Essential vitamins 1 anti oxidant & 1AHA

Seeps into your skin’s deepest layers to replenish and revive parched skin.Experience deeply moisturized skin for 12 hours long.

Use everyday over cleansed skin for optimal results. Suitable for all skin types. 

My Take on the Product: 

The lotion comes in a stylish cream bottle with a flip cap top which dispenses light peach colored lotion. The bottle is travel friendly and quite sturdy. 

The lotion is slightly fragrant. It is somewhat similar to that of Honey and Avocado Winter Care cream which I have reviewed it earlier HERE. It smell is not over empowering and tends to linger on for a while. Also the fragrance is not as artificial as the Peach Milk Moisturizer I had used before 

The lotion is neither creamy thick nor liquid and runny. The consistency is just right. It sinks right into your skin and provides just the amount of hydration that our skin needs in this winter season. 

The lotion is not as rich as a body butter but it does provides moisturization for more than 6 hours.

Applying the lotion right after you step out of a shower is a BliSS !! The fragrance lingers on and your skin is instantly soft fresh and moisturized. 

The lotion also kinda precipitates after continuous usage over the week - I don't like cleaning up the mess that accumulates at the mouth of  the bottle.

Again this lotion has all the four "Carbon" atoms parabens i.e methyl (1 Carbon), Ethyl (2 Carbon), Butyl ( 4 Carbon) and Propyl (3 Carbon) PARABENS.  I still don't get the point of importance of using so variety of paraben compounds in one product.

Also the lotion lacks SPF .. so you need to apply separate sunscreen. 

Love it or chuck it ? 

It is perfect lotion for Mild Winters. Worth trying once !! Might not work for very dry skinned people though... 

Please Note: The product was gifted by the company for consideration.


  1. I have d older version of this :) And I like it a lot :) very moisturising :)

  2. The older Peachmilk was my Hg which I used all the year around. it not only nourished my skin, also kept my blemishes at bay.
    Your post reminded to get mine out now :)

  3. I like dis one too raaga n nivedita

  4. I have not used it yet but your review wants me to try it once, and thank god it does not have the same fragrance as peach milk one had,,i disliked it completely ,,


  5. I bought this is more suitable for autumn/spring time..not d dry winters as u said too :)
    but the fruity peachy fragrance bothers me a bit! :|
    Nice review Rids! :)

  6. @ namita - try it once ..its v nice silly for mumbai winters... d smell is also nice n not overpowering

    @pooja G - yups its suitable for all seasons... i liked dis lotion fragrance more than peach milk one .. coz that one is too artificial


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