Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lakme Fruit Moisture - Winter Care Cream with Honey and Avocado

With Winters upon us and the increasing dry weather - My skin has started welcoming rough patches and the stretchy feeling, So I started using Lakme's Fruit Moisture Range.

The first thing I have been using is this winter care cream which has Honey and Avocado.
Read on to find out how did this cream worked on me --

Product: Lakme Fruit Moisture Winter Care Creme SPF 9  Honey and Avocado

Quantity: 50g

Price: 150 INR


Lakme Honey and Avocado Winter Perfect Day Cremem with Nutritive Moisture Technology is a blend of 4 Hydrating Agents, 1 Essential Vitamin and 1 Anti Oxidant.

This luscious blend of honey and avocado with SPF 9 soaks into your skin's deepest and driest layers giving you Moisture Boost.

Moisturized skin protected from the winter sun.

A perfect creme dor daytime application.

Use everyday over cleansed skin for optimal results. Suitable for all skin types.

Avoid contact with eyes. Wash your eyes thoroughly with clean water in case of eye contact.

My Experience with the Product:

This creme comes in tub like packaging with a twist top cap. Lakme 's Fruit Moisture Range is inspired by that fluid lines of the ingredients and Hence it has changed the packaging of the products to better suit the theme.

I quite like the sleek packaging of the product.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the product was the fragrance of the creme - which is chiefly a blend of avocado and settles down with a hint of honey.

The moment you apply the creme onto your skin, your filled with the aroma of the product which instantly refreshes you.

The texture of the cream is so light -  it just glides onto your skin and is absorbed easily.

The creme does a fantastic job of keeping your skin moisturised for hours.

SPF 9 is provided to protect from the sun's UV rays - I think SPF 9 is not enough for mumbai's heat so I need to apply sunscreen separately.

Love it or Chuck it ?
Love it ... This cream is perfect for winters... will work great with dry skinned people... Oilies be careful with the quantity of cream you apply on the skin to achieve perfect result.

Please note: This product was given by the company's PR for consideration.


  1. I am yet to try this..have used peach milk and night cream..would try this now..mumbai me toh winters pata nahi kab chalu hongi :/

  2. True bhumika ... But dis tym i can feel my skin bcomng dry n tight .... I can actually see cracks on ma skin if i dnt moisturize dis season

  3. i will try this out cuz i have dry skin..thanks for sharing this post dear <3

  4. Same here in Kolkata Rids. But yes, the winter has kind of set in suddenly. it's really becoming cold at night

  5. Mumbai doesnt hv winters as such ... Doesnt even bcome cold in d night that much ...

  6. thnx so much for posting dis, very helpful!! :D

  7. m thinking to buy this creame,bt m lil bit confused any1 plz tell me that can i use Lakme Fruit Moisture Winter Perfect Day Cream in the evening as well???

    1. Yes you can .... but try d night cream lakme has of dis range... it might work well for u

  8. actually as far as i knw ni8 creme is only for a night,u can only use the night creme at night when u r going to sleep.

  9. u cant apply the night creme when u r thinking to go out..

    1. yes you apply the night cream before you go to bed... however, there r no set rules.. you can use night cream at evenings too. .hehehehehe

  10. is it ok to use before bed time i mean as a night cream


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