Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Brings "A Cappella" Look.

One of the most timeless make-up trends is the pure nude look displaying femininity and unadulterated naturalness. “A Cappella” brings together Yulia and Alina to show appealing softness and freshness in
combination with a warm glow, naturally flushed cheeks and a slight shimmer highlight on the lips for
an ultra polished nude look. Delicate neutrals appear barely visible as a hint of cheek colour to underline
the healthy look and on the eyes to add more vibrancy. It is a polished day-look, perfect during summer
season, and also when you prefer light products and a soft make-up.

“A Cappella” is characterised by two basic elements which are absolutely essential for such a flawless look:
mattified skin and covered imperfections. The essence of the look is to create a very soft make-up for which only perfecting products are important.

Our make-up artists used only our two concealer pens and a primer to achieve“A Cappella”; foundations and powders are not necessarily a must.

DELIQUESCE Make-up Melt Cleanser
METAMORPHOSES Mattifiying Primer
NAKED DISGUISE Glide Concealer
FINE-SPUN LIGHT Luminous Skin Wand

EYES WIDE OPEN Brightening Liner Duo
SILK AETHER Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow ‘Brocade Skipper’
SMITHEREENS OF STARS Eye Gloss ‘Angels Play’

JOYS & DESIRES Decadent Duo ‘Flamenco – Duende’

“A Cappella” is both easy and fast to create with these perfecting products but do not forget about cleansing your face deeply in the evening. Remove your make-up every evening with our Make-up Melt Cleanser and treat yourself with a lymphatic massage for a pleasant relaxation and refreshed skin.

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