Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tip & Toes Brings Goodies !!!

After requesting the PR of Tip & Toes to provide good resolution pics.. She was kind enough to lend me product shots of Sparkles, Eye Lights and Water Proof Eye Liner along with their Write ups. 

I hope you enjoy them --- 

Tips & Toes Water Proof Eye Linear

 Accentuate your eyes with features that you thought didn’t exist. With the Tips & Toes water proof eyeliner make a statement by creating your own look easily.

-         One shade-Intense Black
-         Felt tip brush for clear definition and accuracy
-         Water proof
-         Long lasting
-         Easy to carry
-         Dries quickly

Can be applied with felt tip kept perpendicular or parallel for thicken party look.

MRP Rs. 250

Eye Lights

Ideal companion for an quick makeover by enhancing your eyes

To make your eyes more dramatic and give you the glamorous look at nights and achieve a soft look  in the day Tips & Toes has introduced Eye Lights in 6 striking shades- Blue Sapphire, Black Onyx, Emerald Glow, Purple Passion, Manne Magic and Silver Shine.

Make your eyes life of a party or at work with range of intense colours that glide (fall) easily on your eye lids. The brush comes with softer felt tips not only protecting your sensitive eyes but also defining the makeup. It’s easy to use and more comfortable even for first time users; brush is for more professional hand.

So get an intense metallic finish with quick drying, water resistant and long lasting Eye Lights. Use Intense black water proof eye liner and after it dries one can use Eye Lights for dramatic and party look.

Four simple steps to a glamorous eye

  1. Wash and clean your face before applying your make up.

  1. Apply Tips & Toes Exotic Eyes eye shadow on the entire lid; make sure your application is just right. Please avoid cream or gel based eye shadows.

  1. Now apply the Eye Lights by itself or you can use it as an outline ( on top of it) after applying dark eye linear.

  1. Just simply- Apply a single line which starts from the inside and follow it through the outer area of the eye.

MRP- Rs. 250

Tips & Toes Sparklers

Glitter is back with Tips & Toes Sparklers giving a mesmerizing look to your eyes

The spotlight is now on our unique and shimmering Tips & Toes Sparklers that define your eyes with a lasting sensation. Create a breathtaking soft look during the day or glamorize the night with Sparklers making your eyes reason to talk.

Product Highlights-

1.     Get the magical moments with sparkles in your eyes – Edge, Line, blend or shadow with 4 exclusive colours – Blue Blast, Silver Sparkles, Ultra Violet and Glittery Green.

2.     Water resistant, long staying which is smooth and soft at application.

3.     Glittery Green and Ultra Violet need a dual or triple coat to highlight and create definition to your eyes.

Getting the sensational look-

1.     Sparklers can be used on its own to give a soft look during daytime or with an angled brush stroke for a shimmering look.

2.     For a more vibrant look during the day or night -Apply Sparklers on the lids as eye shadow and combine it with Tips & Toes Eye Linear or Tips & Toes Eye Lights on the rims (as a line on the lid).

3.     Glittery Green and Ultra Violet especially with Tips & Toes water proof eye liner will make the glitter more prominent and will keep focus on the eyes.

4.     People with deep set eyes should use more of  bright shades such as blue, violet etc- it brightens the face.

MRP- Rs. 295 



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