Friday, November 11, 2011

Maybelline Color Sensational - Plum Paradise - It's all about PLUM dis Season

Hello girls, Today I will be reviewing a lip color I have been using on and off daily since I got it. This is also the First time I will be reviewing a lipstick on my blog - so any mistakes please let me know and please pardon me.  :)

Product: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

Shade: 425 Plum Paradise

Price and Quantity: 299 INR for 4.2gms


My Take On the Product-- 

I had been to Maybelline's Beauty Editors Meet a while back where Maybelline introduced their Plum-tastic range which includes colours from deep wines to berries and plum. At the end of the event we were given goodie basket which had this lipcolor in it - Plum Paradise Shade no. 425.

The first look at the colour and the thought came - I am never going to be able to wear and carry this colour off. The Plum Paradise is a deep plum colour shade with tiny red shimmers in it. It is a great shade for a night out parties or a date night :)

The lip colour sat hidden in my lipstick drawer and was finally pulled out for the first time in Navratri, when I had gone out to play dandiya at night with all my friends.

One swipe on my lips and It instantly gave it a dark plum lips which reminded me of one of aunty's who use to apply this coloured lipstick a lot !!  I instantly ran for a tissue and blotted it on my lip to tone down the colour and then top it off with a gloss.

Volia !! I loved the final result it gave - A soft plum healthy coloured lips with a hint of shimmers on it and the gloss did a wonderful job of accentuating the lips.

The lipstick proves to be very moisturising and does not settle within the fine lines of your lips. It also does not make you lips go all CRACKY  after a while of application !!

It does not bleed from your lips and even if I swipe the lip colour once on my lips - its stays put for good 4 5 hours  even after you had your meals.

All in all - I am daily using this lip colour and Plum shade has certainly changed my mind about using dark and deep shades on my lips.




  1. Lovely shade Rids!!! Thanks for the review :) :) Today I have talked about Maybelline Colorsensational lippys too :) :) Its on the shade Glamorous Red-but my fav shade is Autumn Rush :) :)

  2. thnk u !!! yups i saw yr post ...just left a comment .. u look awe sum in the pic ...!!!! dis shade has become one of my fav amongst many others... :) :)

  3. Nice review too can't carry dark shades...I do the same as u do.. make it tint and sometimes top off with gloss :D

  4. Thnk u pooja .. It works great as a tint ..stays put for long

  5. I too wear it as a tint...try my mahagony rids..

  6. Same pinch bhumika ... I ll surely try that shade ,...

  7. its nice shade! will look out for such shades 4 sure!

  8. thnk u manya ... surely check it out ...

  9. looks great, another tint-able shade is Glamorous red, which is my fave at the mo...great color! :)

  10. Yup it shows up as a nice tint on d lips


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