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Clear Skin Is Three Steps Away: My Experience with Proactiv

We all are troubled by acne at some point of our lives - For most of the people it's when they were at their early teens. However, I was not troubled by acne during my teen years - I basked in the glory of having clear skin while the rest of friends were troubled with acne. It was later, recently, past one or two years that acne was troubled me and have been frequent visitors to teach me the lesson on how my friends felt.

My dermatologist suggested me for glycolic peels but I shuddered at the thought of having glycolic acid on my face and to top it all - I am to refrain myself from roaming anywhere outside for two - three days - JUST STAY HOME - keep washing my face and apply sunscreen every two hours - To see myself shedding my skin Like a SNAKE !!  ewww !!!!

I decided to stick to creams and ointments instead. All the creams and ointments which were prescribed were slow and steady process. Just when I got rid of one acne that kept bothering me for week - BAM!! He left behind a new fella for me to tackle by the time he was gone... BACK TO SQUARE ONE !!

Just when I was loosing hope I was offered to a product review on Proactiv Products and I can't stop thanking my stars for the day I started using Proactiv.

Proactiv offered me a starter kit which consisted of basic three products in the Solutions kit.
These are -- Renewing Cleanser
                    Revitalizing Toner
                    Repairing Treatment Lotion.

In addition to the above products - I also got a Refining Mask. I will be reviewing the mask later on.

When I first got the kit, I was worried about TWO THINGS -
Firstly, My face is not fully covered with acne. I do suffer from acne every now and then but I usually get 2- 3 acne or comedones in a particular area on my face.  I had always seen Proactiv ads on Tv  showing people who are majorly troubled with severe acne cases. I had doubt on the products because they seemed to be strong in action and whether it will ruin my skin.

Secondly, I had heard a lot of people saying that once you stop using Proactiv your skin will be prone to severe acne. I had also heard that people who dont have too much acne will be experiencing new breakouts !!

In short, I was petrified as HELL to let these products touch my face...


Nevertheless, After reading and re- reading and going through all the instructions thoroughly I started using the basic three products. I stuck to using the products ONCE DAILY.

Below are the instructions on how to use these products---


The Renewing Cleanser is a white colored cleanser which has medicated smell to it. The cleanser has a beady rough texture to it. This is because of micro crystals of medicinal ingredient in the product  - 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. The Benzoyl Peroxide functions as a aid in acne relief.
The formulated Cleanser with tiny round beads helps in exfoliating the skin, removing dead skin cells and cleansing the skin of acne causing bacteria.
I use to apply the Cleanser on wet face and let it sit for a minute for the medicine to properly reach into my pores and cleanse them.
The first time I used it - The product causes a tingling sensation on your skin. That is because of the volume of benzoyl peroxide in the cleanser which trigger sensitive responses.

Caution - After you are done with the cleanser, Be sure to rinse the face thoroughly with water so excess product doesn't remain on your skin.


The Revitalizing Toner is the next step of the regimen. It comes as a light green colored solution in a transparent flip cap top bottle.
The first time I used the toner I experienced tingling sensations again on my face. Looking at the ingredients of the toner - I noticed it had glycolic acid as its component in the product. Glycolic acid is also known in management of acne - As in, It prevents buildup of acne scars. Also the toner helped in drying out the skin and glycolic acid decreased the capability of dead cell skin to mix with skin lipids. This weakens their bond and smooth skin layer is gained by stripping away dead cells.
Caution-- Allow the skin to breathe for sometime after applying cleanser. Then after sometime, Use cotton ball to apply toner on your face. Let it sit for 2 mins and allow it to dry. Do not rinse your face after applying toner.


Lastly, Repairing Lotion is to be applied on the affected areas. This lotion comes in a smaller bottle with a flip cap. It is a white colored lotion in which the main ingredient is benzoyl peroxide.
The moment you apply this lotion - It STINGS you like hell !! The texture of the lotion is very light and it is easily absorbed into your skin. The lotion wont leave your skin greasy but yes ! You will feel tingling sensation for a while after applying the lotion. The sensation subsides after few minutes of application. Do not rinse your face after application of the lotion.
Along with the kit, I was provided with a journal to keep a track on changes of the skin in the coming weeks. The journal requires you to record the changes you notice thru the period of 4-6 weeks of continuously using Proactiv Products.

Below are the changes that I observed on my skin ---

FIRST DAY USING PROACTIV -- I have oily skin, with acne on my chin area, around the nose and 3-4 acne on both of my cheeks. I have just started using proactive ONCE DAILY on my entire face.

WEEK TWO -- After using Proactiv for one week over the entire face, my skin around the nose had become very very dry. The toner and the cleanser caused my skin to become flaky and dry. The skin on my cheek area was less drier than that around the nose. This was resolved by applying moisturizer after using Repairing Lotion.
Since the products were causing skin drying to large extent, I decided to use all the three products ONLY ON THE AFFECTED AREAS OF MY SKIN.

WEEK FIVE-- After using Proactiv for five weeks now, I saw new comedones emerging on my forehead area. Also I saw a large pimple around my nose which did not seem to go away. It was then I stuck to my three step process ONCE daily and in addition to that , I started applying the repairing lotion TWICE. Once during the day time and then before going to bed. 

After using Proactiv products for 8 weeks now, My skin has cleared out a lot !! I was not affected by severe acne hence I will recommend people like me to apply the three products ONLY ON AFFECTED AREAS AND NOT TO THE ENTIRE FACE. I also got rid of my stubborn acne around the nose just recently. My blemishes are also started disappearing which is quite a surprise. 

Proactiv is very convenient to use. Plenty of people might be captivated by the concept that Proactiv can make your skin worst. Some might say once you stop using the products - Acne will come back on your skin lot worst. Personally I have not yet experienced this. All in all, I am quite satisfied with the results Proactiv has shown on my face.

My friend also suggested me to use A MILDER VERSION OF PROACTIV PRODUCTS which are suited for people like me who do not have severe acne problem.

You can check out Proactiv Products HERE. The Indian website also allows you to place an order and they also offer Cash On Delivery Option.

Please Note: The product was provided by the company for consideration purposes. 


  1. Wow.... I was always intrigued by the Ads of this product. I too suffered from Adult acne and still get a revisit from them once in a while esp. when seasons change.
    Gr8 review ...plz do post an update after you stop using it and see any change in ur skin!

  2. This looks good! people suffering from acne would love it! i dont get acne so will skip it, will suggest my friends!

  3. yups pooja... that experiment is still in progress... I LL certainly do an update on that later sometime ... after 4 weeks i guess..

  4. yups taps... me too don't suffer frm severe acne... This product ll work great on severe acne troubled ppl....

  5. I had similar apprehensions about proactiv. But my skin is combination with dry cheeks..I get pimples on forehead and chin mostly.

  6. yups I too have combination skin tone ... oily t zone n dry cheeks... :)

  7. We love your blog is wonderful and will always be here reading all the news.
    We wish you a great weekend.
    Super Glorinha kisses.

  8. cool man u get sent so much free stuff

  9. @my kitchen .. Yes it's expensive but as long as itl gives results I think people won't mind investin money in such products

    @rogerio ... Aww thank you ... I will certainly check out yr blog

    @ beaute .... :)

  10. sounds good for acne prone skin..I got scared reading ur review..stings..and glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide..but sometimes when skin breaks out..its fine if things work..

  11. Yupssss I was scared usin dis at first. But all the stinging n peeling finally gave results which is fine by me

  12. proactive ads captured my attention once..but then i wasnt not much inti trying it out then...cud u tell me how much does the whole package cost ? btw thank s for enlightening readers on this product . quite many wud benefit out of this :)

  13. Nice blog . i'll definitely try it :) Looks like it might work. Thanks!


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