Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mamma'S Review : Olay Total Effects Anti Aging Cream

Hello beauties...
I am yet again coming up with another review of product My Mom used .... Its Olay Total Effects Anti- Aging Cream.

My mom is very much into using age-defying creams and uses them religiously everyday. So when I received this product for review purposes, she happily tried it out.

Let's see what the product claims?  

Total Effects Fragrance-Free Daily Moisturizer (Gentle variant) hydrates skin, providing the total anti aging power of moisture fused with vitamins and antioxidants.
Total Effects fights 7 signs of ageing (fine lines and wrinkles, rough texture, uneven skin tone, dullness, prominent pores, age spots and dryness) by:
• Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Smoothing skin’s texture with gentle exfoliation
• Balancing colour and tone while reducing the appearance of age spots
• Fighting dullness for healthy-looking radiance
• Refining to minimize pore appearance
• Moisturizing to nourish dry skin and to help firm and subtly lift its appearance
• Protecting skin’s surface with antioxidants
Colour-Free. Fragrance-Free. Oil-Free. Fast-Absorbing. Dermatologically Tested. Non-Comedogenic. 

My MOM'S Take on the Product: 

My mom was not very impressed with the quantity of product that was provided. It was too little to draw conclusions .. Three uses and wham!! Your product is finished ... !!!

It did worked a bit with her... Her skin is dry and hence the light textured cream gets easily absorbed into her skin and keeps it moisturised.

It did not irritate her skin at all which was good.

She does not have acne problem ( Lucky Her!!) so can't really comment on whether the product makes you break out or not ?

It did not even out her skin tone. She feels other creams she has used works better than this one.

Regarding the claims of reducing age spots, wrinkles and radiance - She did not see any difference in her skin in that terms. Continuous usage of cream over weeks can vary the result.

She thinks if the cream did not get over so soon - MAYBE it would have worked a bit on her skin...

Please note: Product sent by the company for consideration. 


  1. my mom used this and yea i dont see any change at all..

  2. Hey, nice review!
    can u Pls tell me which cream has worked well for your mom? ? My mom too is facing a problem of winkles etc., she is in her early 50's . Pls Let me know, m looking for a gud anti ageing cream for her,
    We have tried olay regenerist but it didn't show gud results on her!
    Thanks in advance.


  3. By observing the product label, you ought to be during a position to work out however effective the products is probably going to get on your skin. It’s not enough or wise to believe the worth of the products to point quality. You should undergo product reviews whether or not you're searching for anti-aging creams or a wrinkle activity cream. For better knowledge and understanding have a look Anti Aging Beauty Products


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