Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lakme Peach Fruit Moisture Milk Moisturizer

I Finished up my favorite Himalaya Body Lotion... Hence I turned to experiment with New Lakme Fruit Moisture's Peach Milk Moisturizer.

I had earlier used their old version of Lakme's Peach Milk Moisturizer - which suited my skin and I found it quite good. The new version of the lotion is infused with New Fruit Moisture Technology and their packaging seems to be inspired by the smooth lines.

So after using this lotion for week now - Here's my take on the product---

Product: Lakme Peach Fruit Moisture Milk Moisturizer (quite a mouthful!)

Claims : Winter Dryness finds its match in this potent blend of wholesome peaches, 7 Hydrating Agents, 3 Essential Vitamins, 3 Anti-oxidants & 2 AHAs. Formulated with Nutritiv Mositure Techonlogy, it implants each derma-cell with moisture for 12-long hours. Your skin will look intensely nourished and visibly young.

Price : Rs. 79/- for 60 ml, Rs. 139 for 120 ml and Rs. 219 for 200 ml.

My Experience with the Product:

This lotion comes is a curvy bottle which narrows up at the mouth. The bottle has a flip cap opening which dispenses thick baby pink lotion.

The next thing I looked for is the consistency of the cream which is light, it easily gets absorbed into your skin.

The fragrance of the cream is next thing when you apply it which is same as that of the old lakme peach milk cream. I am not sure whether I smell peaches or not - the smell is very artificial. The lotion is not heavily fragrant and the smell doesn't tend to linger on too.

The moisturizer will be good for summers I guess because it doesn't provide enough moisture to my dry body skin in this season - My skin has been acting up a little more dried than usual. I dare not to apply this lotion on my face because I am afraid of the breakouts I will have ( I had a bad experience earlier).

The lotion is economically priced and easily available in all hyper stores.

Lastly, One thing I noticed in the lotion's ingredients list was that it has four "Carbon" atoms parabens i.e methyl (1 Carbon), Ethyl (2 Carbon), Butyl ( 4 Carbon) and Propyl (3 Carbon) PARABENS.  I wonder the importance of using so variety of paraben compounds in one product.

Love it or Chuck it? 

Definitely Worth a try !! Perfect moisturiser for normal skin type people .. It can be used for all seasons except winters... 

Have you tried out this moisturizer Yet ??? 

Please note: The product gifted by the brand for consideration.  


  1. Nice review Rids but lakme doesnt not help my dry skin in delhi winters..:-(

  2. Its not helpng my skin in mumbai ka itnaaaa mild winter toh delhi toh possible hi nai hoga ... Hehehe ... Me thnkng of tryin their winter care lotion nw

  3. Nopes. but I would pretty pretty soon


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