Monday, November 21, 2011

Mission : ORGANIZE !!!

Hiyaaa gurls !!!

This is just a fun post I like to share it with you all....   I have yet again managed to stun myself at my amazing skill of messing up my wardrobe and vanity in a matter of weeks.

Just before Diwali - I had my wardrobe and vanity organized and I vowed to keep it that way as long as I could. But NO.... I had to mess it up in a matter of weeks.

Its our room where most of us start and end our day. And my wardrobe and vanity drawers are a place where I like to escape myself into.

I can stand my wardrobe being a mess But my vanity drawer..HELL NO !! I have three vanity drawers - One in my wardrobe (Which stores the least amount of vanity - more of multi purpose drawer) and another one right besides my mirror - Which is a my second true vanity drawer with my liners and glosses..... My Ultimate vanity drawers are inside my wardrobe which holds all my makeup . It is also always organized due to the fact that I re-arrange all the makeup neatly everytime I open those drawers up :)

My Multi- purpose vanity drawer was giving me nightmares everytime I opened it. Hence it was time to do some justice with that amount of place ...

So I set myself on the Task of getting Things ORGANIZED in there --- Let's see What my drawer had in store for me to organise---  Hair clips - ton of em .
                                          Hair bands - a couple.
                                          My Accessories !!
                                          Perfume vials - A"must" carry item for me
                                          Body Creams and Body butters.
                                          Other Random Skin care stuff which I have stocked up..

I didn't have the courage to post the picture of my dis-arrayed drawer... Enjoy the pics of my NEATLY ARRANGED DRAWER INSTEAD...  :)

I started of by getting two plastic trays to keep my hair clips and band organised. I got these pink trays from Hypercity Superstore. Damn Expensive but worth it !!  Next I clubbed the remaining small clips in my brown Musical box my uncle had fondly gifted me.

The accessories went into the big paper mache box I got from Kashmir. The remaining boxes below the pink trays are individual jewellery box.

The right hand side of the drawer is reserved for my Skin Care items and perfume vials. I stocked up on himalaya lip butter this season. Hence its lying safely in the drawer till the current one I am using is finished.

Nivea Oil Control face wash is lying in the drawer coz its specifically been brought for travel use. The body butter and Body Cream lie in the drawer for most of the time. They are to be taken out only in December. Fem Bleach - I use occassionally hence it lies silently inside the drawer for occassional use.

You all must think I am some kind of a freak - the way I have described things.... hahahaha... That's me the Cleanliness Freak!! 

I should do a series of "Mission:Organization" - With updates of all my organized Vanity .... 

So .. How do you like my Organized Multi-Purpose Vanity Drawer?? 
How frequently do you organize your vanity... ??


  1. Wow ...its really neat and looking nice...but dear keep it up like this....o.k.

  2. I ll definitely try too... promise !!

  3. Wowwww , its looks good so the mission was successful :p you should have put the before and after pics too!

  4. the B4 PIC wud have surprised everyone at the things i am capable of messing up .... lolz

  5. I am impressed , reminds me that I also need to set my closet and dresser !

  6. I can count the stuff you have..mine is the opposite. :-P

  7. @CookDoKoo- hehehehe glad i reminded u to set up yr wardrobe

    @ bhumika - :)

    @ Prachi - u can count stuff in my drawer coz i hav three vanity drawers... Lots of place to stuff things...

  8. I'm gonna share this post with my mom :D
    She'll love it :)

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