Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nature's Co Berry Lip Balm

I welcomed dry cold weather by chapped and cracky lips. By the start of November itself, My lips have started drying off and gives that dull chapped cracky look. This is the perfect time for me to test out all the  items I have that claim to tackle out chapped lips.

I have a ton of lip balms and Chapsticks  - Amongst the collection- Nature's Co. Berry Lip Balm was the latest addition.

Nature's Co recently presented two special hampers this festive season of Christmas. The Berry Hamper and Cocoa Hamper are both perfect gifting options for our loved ones. You can check out their website HERE.

Product: Nature's Co Berry Lip Balm
Price: 225 INR
Quantity: 10 ml (Net. Wt.)


My Experience with the Product: 

The product comes in a transparent square shaped bottle with a screw cap lid on the top. I love the look of the balm which is shiny transparent trendy looking box with pink coloured balm inside.

The balm is not like those from any other brands that is soft and all melty. It is a bit hard when you first use it .. You need to dig into the product to actually get it on your finger or cotton swab.

The product won't melt in hot and humid conditions which is good.

I love the smell and the taste of the product which is very candy like.

The texture of the balm is just right and I love the feeling of not wearing anything on the lips.

The lip balm stays put for good amount of hours even after having your meals.

It does not give a very glossy look to your lips which is also good.. It finishes off with good subtly shining moisturised lips.

All in All it is a perfect product for you lips this winter.

Please note: This product was sent by the company's PR for consideration.


  1. Rids...Give this to me...puleeeeezzzzz...the bottle is so prettyy...

  2. hehehehe ... i know ..dis bottle makes my vanity table looks gorgeous ... hehehehe

  3. Nice review dear. The small jar looks so cute and love the color of balm.

  4. @ nivedita - hehehe yups i luv it

    @vertu - thnk u ...

    @bhumika - yups its fab ..


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