Friday, June 17, 2011

Auravedic Luxuriant Hand and Body Lotion

I have been using this lotion for two weeks now and I am loving the lotion so far. I am a huge fan of body lotions and butters and love to pamper my skin everyday. You see I have a very weird skin type - Oily - combination skin on the face and Dry skin on the rest of the body. So I can't do without moisturizing my skin everyday.

luxuriant hand and body lotion - Lavender & Chamomile

PRODUCT: Auravedic Luxuriant Hand and Body Lotion.
PRICE:  200 Rupees.

What the product claims ?
A luxuriant and lightweight lavender and chamomile enriched moisturizing lotion for smooth and hydrated skin.

Usage: Massage into the skin using circular movements. Use in morning and /or evening.

Take the first look at this product :)

First Look At the Product:
This lotion comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a silver screw cap top. The mouth of the bottle is covered and has to be pierced to dispense the lotion.

Plastic cap has to be pierced in order to dispense the lotion

swatch of the lotion :)

My Experience :

This lotion is indeed very lightweight and is readily absorbed into the skin. It is non- greasy which is great. I use this lotion everyday after shower and it keeps my skin moisturized and smooth all day long. I love the fact that they have listed all the ingredients. The fragrance is also nice since it has lavender oil in it. The scent is not over-powering and does not linger for a long time. Overall i am quite liking this lotion.

Good Points:
Paraben Free products.
All of Auravedic products are not tested on animals. :)
All of the products do not contain animal product or its by- products (except honey)
Auravedic is committed not to use child labor in manufacturing any of its products.  :)  :)
Travel - friendly pack.

Bad Points:
I cant find any bad points about the product except that i really have to squeeze the bottle really hard to dispense the cream. :(

Love it or Chuck it ?
Love it !!! Definitely worth a buy !!

Please note: The product sent by the company's PR for consideration.


  1. Nice review. I wish the packaging was a bit better..:-P

  2. @ prachi - yeah packaging is a standard one .. not too great or nything fancy . . :)

  3. I loved their products whatever I used :) I have same kinda skin like you...combination for face and dry all over...same pinch!!!

  4. @ swati - me too ..m quite liking it .. as for our skin type-- same pinch !!!

  5. They have nice n very creamy kinda products :)
    nice review..

  6. @ bhumika - yups bhumika ... i luv its fragrance too . .

  7. informative. nice.

  8. hi, Great post. nice. informative.
    My name is sush . iam unable to comment on anybodys blog thru google account. so had to use open id today.
    my site is Do visit.

  9. Hi sush ..thnx for commentin .. Ll check out yr blog too

  10. Another Great Review...Never used or even heard of this product...would keep your review in mind when buying one!!!

  11. Thnk u lipsy ...u can c dese products in mall these dayz ... Surely check it out

  12. I suppose the moment the packaging becomes fancier, the price goes up and right now it is easily affordable.


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